Not the hero I’d like to be.

Up a little later than I’d like. Upload files to Orchard, and make disks of the work I’ve done.

In a nutshell: doing so many jobs simultaneously, or in parallel, means that each of them ends up being a little messy. Bah. Not the hero I’d like to be.

Anyway, Maisy, then lunch in the greasy spoon with Ben, then more Maisy. Then home, pack things up in envelopes and return to Walker with them to be delivered, and post a CD through Phil H’s door.

Home, dinner, pack (at last).

That’s it. I’m sure there was more detail, but I can’t remember what it is.

An hour disappears somewhere in there, too.


I mix down a bunch of things, including the nascent version of Everybody Wants to Rock and Roll, and get them onto my iPod.

I pack my underwear into the handy underwear pack thing I got in Muji in Kobe.

Into Walker. An hour disappears somewhere in there, too.

A day’s Maisying, then home, and carry on working on other things, with a break for dinner, finishing up at 23:00. Meh. While I’m working, I listen to a radio version of Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters.

I don’t pretend to be a doctor. I don’t even watch Casualty.

Wake up at 6:30 and lie awake until 9:00. Initially decide not to go to the supermarket, then realise that as I’m awake anyway…

So I go to the supermarket. I notice that they put all the things that people might be embarrassed about buying together in the same place: condoms, hemorrhoid cream, pregnancy testing kits, laxatives, foot powder and so forth.

While I’m contemplating that (and tweating it, as well, if I have to be honest), I’m approached by a woman asking for advice – thankfully only anti-histamines. Are these the tablets you need when you have an allergy? Yes, I tell her, and point out that it says cetirizine hydrochloride on the packet and that that’s the active ingredient. She then begins to tell me the reason she needs the anti-histamine, which I don’t really need to know. I’m not her doctor. I’m not a doctor. I don’t pretend to be a doctor. I don’t even watch Casualty.

Then we have breakfast, then I get back to Snow White. When I get to the fifth spread, I find that I have the markup and the artwork for different spreads. Um. So I do some corrections on the Orchard job instead, which takes me until 18:30. Then I try recording another lead guitar for Nothing But Green Grass. More successful than last time, but still not 100%. Oh, well, I’ll give it another shot when I get back from Spain.

Also record chords for Everybody Wants to Rock and Roll, and play the melody on guitar. It’s quite nice, but I really need to do the lyrics for it.

Watch Being Human, then do some extra-fine tweakery on Logodaedalus and send some emails.

So some things I can cross off my to do list, there.

bacon butties and obscene cake




Today being the last day of someone in the office before maternity leave, there are bacon butties and obscene cake. Today being Friday 13th, there are extensive complications, crashes and problems.

Still. I listen to the mixes of Pure and Nothing But Green Grass a lot. I definitely have to do the solos again, but I’ve got a better idea of how. Though when remains a mystery.

After work, I walk down the South Bank and buy a book, and browse a lot of others. On the way home I buy croissants for breakfast tomorrow, and wine for dinner tonight.

Home. After a hiatus I go out and get noodles for dinner.

So: mmm, noodles.

General chilling. I’m impressed by how easy it is to repurpose the code I’ve got to read my Facebook feed to read my Twitter feed.

Yes, everso 21st century.

gibbering at a performer

Let’s see… up at 6:00, sit, breakfast, etc.

Into Walker, not as early as I’d like. Not early at all, actually. I run into the designer that briefed the job I’m doing at home as she’s waiting to go into the sales conference and give the DVD of the work so far. Only later do I realise that it’s like barging into the green room and gibbering at a performer. Probably not very helpful for the performer.

Maisying all day, with a break for lunch with Ben.

Also, feedback on the work I’ve been doing at home, which is, to my relief, very positive.

Home at 6:20, then straight back to the other work.

While I’m working I listen to Bad For Good by Jim Steinman, the OCR of Tanz Der Vampire (which is essentially Jim Steinman’s greatest hits in German and shoe-horned into the plot of Roman Polanski’s The Fearless Vampire Hunters), then Promenade and Regeneration by The Divine Comedy, the latter is still a stunning album, I actually think one of his/their best (though I realise I’m in a tiny minority there).

By the end of the evening I’ve completed three out of five spreads of the at-home work. I know what I‘ll be doing this weekend.

Just enough sausages.

More retouching as yesterday. Up later than I’d like. I listen to the Passport show that I’d normally be frantically plugging things in on. Much more relaxed like this.

The retouching takes a long time. In fact, all day. And all night.

I do make a sort of rissotto thing with too much chilli powder and sausages in. Not too many sausages. Just enough sausages.

The rest of it’s the retouching job.

twenty vertical feet

Up, sit, breakfast, see H off, yoga, practise. It must be before my week unravels.

I go to Watkins’ to get some books, then tube it to Vauxhall, for a meeting regarding a job that was supposed to be done a few weeks ago, but got delayed. Then upstairs for another meeting regarding another job, originally scheduled for a different time period from the first, but now to be done concurrently. It should be possible to do both jobs as long as I don’t do anything else or take long meal breaks over the next week.

Interesting to compare two departments, separated by twenty vertical feet.

Home. Lunch, then begin Job A, while listening to Takako Minekawa, which is an extraordinary experience I’d recommend to anyone.

Haru comes home and repurposes last night’s dinner into tonight’s dinner. Then I go back to work.

One spread (of five) has taken nine hours. It should get easier from now on, though.

Tomorrow’s Passport session is called off, which gives me more time.

I also find that tweaking the vocal to Pure opens up the whole mix. Which is interesting.