tentative loop sketches

Still snowy outside, though H gets to work today.

Today is part of the batch of unfocused days I’ve been having recently. Actually I get a few things done – a couple of website fixes, I send some MP3s to someone who needs MP3s from me, and I mix more of the tracks.

No sign of the package I was expecting. Very late on, the UPS tracking page updates and I figure out that they couldn’t get to it yesterday, so everything’s delayed. So I won’t have it for tomorrow morning, which is a shame as it would be very useful.

Either both of my small condenser mics are broken, or the mic channels of the MOTU interface are. Or all of the above, though I rather hope not.

I do manage to write lyrics for two songs, that recently existed only as tentative loop sketches. So there’s a kind of hope available, anyway. I think they’re quite good, actually.