something palpably alters in the room

Today I actually manage to get up at 6:00. Not been achieving that recently.

After H goes to work, I put together all the stuff I’ll need for the Passport Session today. Testing reveals that the mics are fine, and it’s my audio interface that’s broken. On the upside, another one will be arriving today, hopefully.

My brainstorm is to put it all in the red suitcase, rather than the voluminous bag.

However, the red suitcase is very heavy to carry over all the snow that’s still piled up in the streets. Oh, well.

I arrive soon after Phil, and Kadialy, today’s kora player, arrives soon after that. It’s a very impressive instrument to appear with.

And Tabitha arrives after that, with her video camera.

Much less stressful than last week, perhaps because it was miking one quiet instrument rather than a loud one, perhaps because it wasn’t all the way across the hall, perhaps because no equipment imploded.

Halfway through I go to the deli to buy teas. I realise as I’m going there that at a subconscious level my notion was to shake up the energy in the room. It seemed to work, anyway.

Wonderful music. Like many of the sessions, it’s a privilege to be in the room and hear it going on.

I manage to inadvertantly change reality again, thinking that when Phil suggested that Gareth (oh, Gareth arrives about 12:30) read a poem Phil had selected, and then Kadialy play, that it would all be going on at the same time. So it does, and it’s quite a remarkable moment. Something I noticed during the second session, last November – if you change the situation to something totally unexpected, something palpably alters in the room and the performers. Perhaps that’s obvious.

Afterwards we don’t go for coffee – everybody but me really needs to be somewhere – and I go home.

I master the session. Darn – some clipping has crept in somewhere. I try to eq round it, but to no avail.

Also my new mixer has been delivered to my pa’s, so I walk over there to collect it.

On my return I discover amazing software that not only makes a pretty good fist of rounding off clipping, but also does spectral retouching (kind of like cloning things out in Photoshop. But audio).

I make dinner – pasta with sausage sauce – and then help H with a top secret customer survey. Apparantly I get the answers right.

Then testing the demo of the audio restoration before buying it.