don’t believe in making things easy for people

Up late.


Just sitting.

Sorting things out to make space for the new mixer / sound interface (NRV10).

Discover that M-Audio don’t believe in making things easy for people. The device appears to need a degree in quantum physics to work it and be make entirely out of eggshells. The Firewire interface seems to be so sensitive to power surges that they advise not to hot plug it under any circumstances. It’s also the first time I’ve seen a software/hardware company suggest reinstalling a version of OS X as a standard part of their troubleshooting.

Decide not to go the gig, as I have a headache.

Have fish and chips and continue to try to work out the mixer. Almost all worked out apart from the InterFX software, which appears to be connected to the output socket, but not the input.

I’m not going to let a little thing like that bother me.

Stay up too late tweaking the Passport Sessions site.