Or at the wrong time.

Up earlier today, in fact the body gets up pretty much by itself. However, it doesn’t find anything particularly useful to do with itself, which is a shame as today might be the last clear day before I go to Sant Cugat.

Movements is cancelled for fear of adverse weather conditions.

I do manage some more overdubs for the new tracks – three parallel organs on Tell Me during the day, and I work on the vocals of the new tracks. I suspect that even when the proper vocal is on Say the Name (not to mention all the other tracks) it will remain in the cupboard until I’m desperate for something to upload. Similarly, Old Joker is a bit strange – a kind of cross between John Barry and Scott Walker, which sounds like it might be a good idea, but largely involves bellowing. Which leaves Tell Me (which, I realise, would also benefit from a less bellow-y vocal) and Nothing But Green Grass, which is the closest to finished. I also try to work out what the chords to Nothing But Green Grass would be, but with no luck.

After dinner, I try recording guitar solos on … Green Grass. Although the sound is lovely, the actual playing is lamentable. I do five takes and there’s nothing to cut together. It’s the right idea – the track comes to life somewhat – but the wrong notes. Or the right notes in the wrong order. Or at the wrong time.