twenty vertical feet

Up, sit, breakfast, see H off, yoga, practise. It must be before my week unravels.

I go to Watkins’ to get some books, then tube it to Vauxhall, for a meeting regarding a job that was supposed to be done a few weeks ago, but got delayed. Then upstairs for another meeting regarding another job, originally scheduled for a different time period from the first, but now to be done concurrently. It should be possible to do both jobs as long as I don’t do anything else or take long meal breaks over the next week.

Interesting to compare two departments, separated by twenty vertical feet.

Home. Lunch, then begin Job A, while listening to Takako Minekawa, which is an extraordinary experience I’d recommend to anyone.

Haru comes home and repurposes last night’s dinner into tonight’s dinner. Then I go back to work.

One spread (of five) has taken nine hours. It should get easier from now on, though.

Tomorrow’s Passport session is called off, which gives me more time.

I also find that tweaking the vocal to Pure opens up the whole mix. Which is interesting.