gibbering at a performer

Let’s see… up at 6:00, sit, breakfast, etc.

Into Walker, not as early as I’d like. Not early at all, actually. I run into the designer that briefed the job I’m doing at home as she’s waiting to go into the sales conference and give the DVD of the work so far. Only later do I realise that it’s like barging into the green room and gibbering at a performer. Probably not very helpful for the performer.

Maisying all day, with a break for lunch with Ben.

Also, feedback on the work I’ve been doing at home, which is, to my relief, very positive.

Home at 6:20, then straight back to the other work.

While I’m working I listen to Bad For Good by Jim Steinman, the OCR of Tanz Der Vampire (which is essentially Jim Steinman’s greatest hits in German and shoe-horned into the plot of Roman Polanski’s The Fearless Vampire Hunters), then Promenade and Regeneration by The Divine Comedy, the latter is still a stunning album, I actually think one of his/their best (though I realise I’m in a tiny minority there).

By the end of the evening I’ve completed three out of five spreads of the at-home work. I know what I‘ll be doing this weekend.