bacon butties and obscene cake




Today being the last day of someone in the office before maternity leave, there are bacon butties and obscene cake. Today being Friday 13th, there are extensive complications, crashes and problems.

Still. I listen to the mixes of Pure and Nothing But Green Grass a lot. I definitely have to do the solos again, but I’ve got a better idea of how. Though when remains a mystery.

After work, I walk down the South Bank and buy a book, and browse a lot of others. On the way home I buy croissants for breakfast tomorrow, and wine for dinner tonight.

Home. After a hiatus I go out and get noodles for dinner.

So: mmm, noodles.

General chilling. I’m impressed by how easy it is to repurpose the code I’ve got to read my Facebook feed to read my Twitter feed.

Yes, everso 21st century.