is there a theme developing?

Not much to the day, really. I tweaked the insane strings on My Bumper Book of Lies, and spent a lot of the day chatting when I should have been recording. But that’s OK sometimes.

Very late lunch.

Begin making dinner and then go out for very late (is there a theme developing?) run. Then, after I’ve had a shower, dinner is late.

Toast. Goodness, the end of another month. Time, eh?

Tough to get everything to fit together…

Haven’t posted for a while, but…

Spent the day mixing and tweaking Another Time and My Bumper Book of Lies, which now has an extraordinary (but probably unmanageable) string part. Tough to get everything to fit together…

Also, agreed to to some recording tomorrow, which leads to an unusual possible, as it were, niche…

In the evening go to the VAC, where I get to play, despite arriving late. Many marvellous acts, including Silver Sam, who gives over time for me to play: what I fine gentleman! I also accompany him on his song (which I played with him at the songs-in-the-round last year, here). To much excellent stuff to mention. Hurrah.

Home. Oishii Japanese curry and I (perhaps inadviseadly) get Maltesers for myself. So late to bed, then.

just before I need to start screaming

Today is Passport day – I get there just before 10:00 and meet the members of the London Gypsy Orchestra, or at least the quorum who are playing today. I set up a stereo mic outside the studio (there’s not really enough room for them to play inside the studio) , and later when Shi, the accordionist, arrives, I set up microphones inside the studio to record her.

A four-hour show, anyway. Afterwards a trip to the deli for lunch and I catch the bus home, sharing it with schoolkids, which is always a joy, of course. Luckily I get off just before I need to start screaming.

Home, transfer the files and mix them. Lie on the floor for a bit.

H gets home. I make my standard rice stuff.

More mixing. Realise I can’t tell whether what I can hear is acceptable or not. Watch some TV.

a man needs his own feedback buster

Still finding it more difficult to get up, but up I get.

To Walker, where I Maisify.

After Maisification, I walk over to my father’s and pick up a couple of packages that arrived for me.

I now have a replacement B, after cutting that one the other day, as well as three new sets of nylon strings; I’ve completed the NST sets (for which I was supplied with 49s rather than 59s, but didn’t complain, so if anyone needs a lot of 49s…) and got a new set of flatwound 13s, for when I decide to take up Jazz guitar again. Also a feedback buster. Should I ever need to bust feedback. I could borrow Haru’s I suppose, but (a) I forgot about it when I was on the string supplying websites a couple of days ago and (b) a man needs his own feedback buster. Doesn’t fit the classical, sadly.

Go out for a run – along the South Bank and back down Blackfriars Road. Next time I’ll need to run for 25 minutes, which is faintly daunting. The underpass under Waterloo Bridge is becoming difficult to get through, as the string players who have taken up occupation there are very good, attracting lots of people to the confined space.

Dinner: Japanese style curry instant ramen. Generally Mmm.

Try writing a new website. With XML parsing, which is quite exciting, though long-winded.

dragging a recalcitrant body around

I need to go to bed now, but I’m writing this so that I can at least feel I turned up for one tiny bit of the day, even if it was too late. Not doing too well today, or for the last Movements class of term. Oh, well. It’s just a question of dragging a recalcitrant body around from place to place until I can plop it down and hopefully wake up a different person. As I’ll do… now.

Nothing conclusive, though.

Breakfast at the-place-that-used-to-be-Perdoni’s and walk along the very crowded South Bank and get stereo microphone bar and two Y-cables from Maplins.

Home, and do… stuff. Mostly in Logic. Nothing conclusive, though.

Dinner is fish and chips, and we watch the Japan season on the TV. I stay up too late watching The Hidden Blade.

Sorry, not that focussed, really.

Um. Late. Stuff…

Read all of Freakangels, so far, that is.

Burn CDs of Wednesday’s Passport Session and deliver them to Phil

Resurrect the RSS feed of this site.

Buy noodles and wine.

Eat (and drink) same.


Sorry, not that focussed, really.

Lots of things that I wanted to do that I didn’t.

Up late again. Sit, breakfast.

A nothing-really day. Lots of things that I wanted to do that I didn’t. Bah.

I watched the film version of A Little Night Music in chunks on YouTube. Not as bad as it’s said to be, but still not as great as it could be. Apart from Diana Rigg.

I post a cheque I should have posted ages ago.

In the evening I go for a run, bounce the tracks from yesterday’s Passport Session and listen to Another Time again.

Heaven, of a (fairly Blakean) sort.

Actually lie in a bit, then sit, breakfast, pack and out to SW1 Radio.

It seems to be a morning of things falling off things.

Excellent show today (but long – special four-hour show) – with Tony Rowlands (classical guitar), Kalia Baklitzanaki (Greek singer) and Maya Sona Jobarteh (kora). My second opportunity to record a kora. Afterwards we retire to the deli for lunch, then I catch the bus home.

Immediately set to mixing my recording of the show. The kind of listening I was doing at the time and the kind of listening I do when mixing (and after) are completely different, and again I’m totally blown away by the extraordinary privilege of hearing such performers close up. I’m definitely there while it’s happening, and definitely in a happy state, but it’s different, somehow.

Short rest, then out to Marylebone for tonight’s VAC gig, which included Rich Barnard, Dave Russell and Ivor Game in the line-up. Haru comes and also Juan. I play Gravity and a live debut for Logodaedalus in the first half and My Bumper Book of Lies and Iodine in the second half. I confess to Tessa Ware that it’s possible that my whole practice as a performer is an excuse to play Iodine occasionally.

Dave R heads up both halves – Burglars of Britain, Tax Farm Reject, Symbiotic Suffocation and Hades W10. Heaven, of a (fairly Blakean) sort.

crowing is a whole-body thing

Up, sit, breakfast, wave goodbye, yoga (after a fashion and less than successful) and mixing stuff to my iPod (which I don’t really listen to in the end, but isn’t that the way?)

Into Walker, Maisying. In the morning I have a persistent bad mood, which I’m sort of in denial about. Then at lunch time, get a sandwich and wander around in the sunshine with a visiting illustrator. Visit the City Farm, where there are remarkable chickens and cockerels. Noticed for the first time that crowing is a whole-body thing – he has to twist his body into the most extraordinary shape to squeeze the sound out.

Back to Maisying and finish, I hope. Trying to find the spot between my mood, and reality, and the stress levels of the (justifiably) stressed people I’m dealing with, who’ve been moved up a floor and to the other end of the building from the equipment they have to deal with (which they need to use all the time). I suppose they get out and about meeting people…

Walk home in the sunshine, wearing an overcoat that I don’t really need.

At home, dither for a bit. H gets home.

I go for a run – two sets of eight minutes with a five minute walk in the middle. Next time it’s one set of twenty minutes, after that building up to a marathon or something. I’ve been here before, used this plan several times. It’s a good plan, and works even when one’s fallen off the schedule.

Home, shower, dinner, JGB.