“shopping for food while hungry”

Up, sit, breakfast and Haru goes out. I waste the time between then and going to Walker’s.

Maisying, again. Actually, this particular tranche goes a lot more quickly than expected, and I fall asleep less often than I did yesterday. At lunchtime I eat a bit more than I’d like, as I have to go and get my lunch, which counts as “shopping for food while hungry”, which is a dreadful mistake. Then I fall asleep under the desk and snore.

Ho hum.

More Maisying, (listening to Sing to God by Cardiacs) then home by 18:45.

Superb Japanese food for dinner, and I mix some tracks, which is probably not what I ought to do, but is what I do. I think some of them are increasingly finished. I think, also, that Nothing But Green Grass is waiting for the right guitar solo, which may take a while to come along.