especially if “exciting” is taken as a euphemism

Up, etc, with a little less alacrity than yesterday.

Today is a Passport Sessions day, but I move more slowly than I might because it’s me doing the playing. Roll in to the studio at about 10:30 and set up in the corner, playing a couple of tunes just after 11:00 (a version of The Sea with a drone, which doesn’t really work as the regular looping click and I keep disagreeing about tempo; a version of Unison that finds me getting faster and faster). I do it all with the Godin, as a sort of experiment. Not sure what the results are.

Phil and I repair to the local cafe to discuss upcoming shows – there’s a lot on in coming weeks, with a couple of four-hour shows and up to three sets of guests in any one show. Potentially quite exciting, especially if “exciting” is taken as a euphemism.

Then home, drop my stuff and go to Walker, for an afternoon’s Maisying.

Home after 19:00. Dinner, then editing today’s session for uploading (a very long way from perfect…) and listening to other tracks. Finalise the version of Pure I want to podcast on Friday.