At first, apparantly, closed, then definitely open.

Up early-late or late-early depending on your point of view.

Catch the bus to the British Museum and buy tickets for the Babylon exhibition. However we can only get in at 11:00, so we go off and get breakfast.

We order a British Breakfast and a Continental breakfast. However, the cooking and serving is being done by one young woman, who is also making each breakfast individually (instead of, say, cooking the components of the five or six outstanding breakfasts at the same time), consequently it’s taking a while.

Never mind. Nice long chat, then breakfast (we get two British breakfasts, but by then Haru is hungry enough to eat hers), then back to the Museum.

The Babylon exhibition is crowded, and not really worth the money. We go to the main gallery and see all the cool stuff from Babylon that they have there (not to mention Assyria and Mesopotamia and Egypt and…), which was the kind of thing I expected in the exhibition. Rather than David Gray album covers and suchlike. Cool to see John Martin’s Balshazzar’s Feast, though.

Then walk up to King’s Cross, drink a beer / soft drink and try to find The Gymnasium. After walking up and down Pancras Road (and looking in a very cool antiques shop and the Old Pancras Church – which is hireable, by the way), asking the antiques shop owner directs us to the other Pancras Road, around the corner, which is where the Gymnasium turns out to be. At first, apparantly, closed, then definitely open.

Some fine things, and many words that ought to be used more.

Then catch a 73 to Oxford Street and John Lewis and the Food Hall. Get Armagnac for the toast and several snacks.

453 from Upper Regent Street. One of the nearby fellow passengers tries to attract attention by playing tunes on his phone (not really a hi-fi medium) and having loud conversations (or at least exchanges of shouted non-sequiteurs) on it. I suspect he believes himself to be at least as cool as the people around him think he’s ridiculous.

Home. Snackery. Some sound-file work. Lie down. More JGB work.

Out to fish and chip shop. Buy fish and chips which we eat while watching The Dark Knight on DVD.

Get an email from the hosting company to say that this site has been suspended as it was using up too much CPU. If you can read this, then I fixed that. If not… um.