forgotten because I was left in the dark

Up at 6:00. Sit, then breakfast, then H goes to work. I do yoga. It must be the beginning of the week, as I still have all my good intentions intact.

To Walker, arriving suitably late. A day of Maisying, interrupted by lunch (meatballs) and lying under the table.

Eventually leave at about 19:00 to go to the Movements. I have to go back for my bag, forgotten because I was left in the dark.

Struck by the notion that one can know something theoretically, but it’s only when you see it that it comes to life. And then it’s everywhere. In this case the notion of dimensionality in a chain of command (those higher up have a greater overview and more degrees of freedom, but they rely on those lower down the chain – who don’t have the overview – to actualize their plans).

Movements, then. Today everybody seems to be forgetting fundamental things, not just me. The “beginners” are downstairs tonight. Perhaps it’s that they are not here to make mistakes for us, so we have to make our own.

Finish 21:30, tube home, listening to latest Riddle album.

At home there is spinach and chicken curry waiting for me. I have such a craving for food that I also devour several pieces of bread and butter.