a perhaps slightly drunken version of my run

Up, sit, breakfast, H => work, I dither, dress and leave as well, after sorting out some invoice stuff.

Maisying, of course. I don’t have any credit left on my Oyster card, so I have to walk, which probably does me good.

After Maisying, lunch, then more Maisying, then I go home early, after dithering in Ben’s vicinity, hassling him in a time of distress. Then home.

I go out and run around, having located a GPS app for my iPhone. On returning home, it has – amazingly- recorded a perhaps slightly drunken version of my run. Gosh.

Shower, dinner then spend the evening improvising string arrangements. (I’m still entering the date as 2008 rather than 2009, even though it’s already March. That must mean something, though I’m nervous to speculate what it might be.)