Listening again and tweaking.


OK, look, I lie in bed and H lets me stay there, and my body refuses to move, and I wake up late, OK? Fracaso. Fracaso total.

Anyway, breakfast. Vague bewilderment. Listening to the track I recorded yesterday (though I’d intended to work). Lunch. Colouring in a rogue fairies picture (a map, actually). Doing a stray Wally notebook for Ben. Listening again and tweaking.

H gets home.

I go out for a run.

Home, shower, dinner.

Evening with Logic – nothing too exciting, or at least nothing conclusive. I play with the Chords master thing: essentially, if you tell it what the chords will be, it bends the Apple loops to that, resulting in things that I find fascinating, but which are, admittedly, strange. Also, I need to get into the beat matching thing.