Which is illegal, isn’t it?

Up … Oh, God, late again, same as yesterday.

Some dithering. Then yoga, lunch, then collecting a package from Japan via my father. It turns out it was posted on Wednesday, so it got here quicker than it would have done if it was posted in the same country.

In the afternoon, I finish the lyrics, and devise harmonies and a string part for Another Time, which seems to have turned into a tribute to song-era Eno. Haru gets home and I record the vocals (three parts, two voices each, one take each). By then it’s 21:00.

I go downstairs to the restaurant. Tony tells me that the Leaseholder has started putting inconvenient bills (electricity for the common areas, water for 4a) in his (Tony’s) name. Which is illegal, isn’t it?

Get a bottle of wine from the corner shop and collect the pizzas.

Pizza with a documentary about Rough Trade records (the sound of my youth, right there) and a complilation of RT bands – I’m particularly excited by the footage of Young Marble Giants. Once I thought that YMG, League of Gentlemen, 1982-vintage Scritti Politti and a few other similar bands were what the future sounded like. Then the Smiths happened. Exactly the same thing happens in the documentary.

Afterwards I make a couple of swinging edits to Another Time and copy it to the Mini (and thence to my iPod) for the journey tomorrow. Hopefully.