crowing is a whole-body thing

Up, sit, breakfast, wave goodbye, yoga (after a fashion and less than successful) and mixing stuff to my iPod (which I don’t really listen to in the end, but isn’t that the way?)

Into Walker, Maisying. In the morning I have a persistent bad mood, which I’m sort of in denial about. Then at lunch time, get a sandwich and wander around in the sunshine with a visiting illustrator. Visit the City Farm, where there are remarkable chickens and cockerels. Noticed for the first time that crowing is a whole-body thing – he has to twist his body into the most extraordinary shape to squeeze the sound out.

Back to Maisying and finish, I hope. Trying to find the spot between my mood, and reality, and the stress levels of the (justifiably) stressed people I’m dealing with, who’ve been moved up a floor and to the other end of the building from the equipment they have to deal with (which they need to use all the time). I suppose they get out and about meeting people…

Walk home in the sunshine, wearing an overcoat that I don’t really need.

At home, dither for a bit. H gets home.

I go for a run – two sets of eight minutes with a five minute walk in the middle. Next time it’s one set of twenty minutes, after that building up to a marathon or something. I’ve been here before, used this plan several times. It’s a good plan, and works even when one’s fallen off the schedule.

Home, shower, dinner, JGB.