a man needs his own feedback buster

Still finding it more difficult to get up, but up I get.

To Walker, where I Maisify.

After Maisification, I walk over to my father’s and pick up a couple of packages that arrived for me.

I now have a replacement B, after cutting that one the other day, as well as three new sets of nylon strings; I’ve completed the NST sets (for which I was supplied with 49s rather than 59s, but didn’t complain, so if anyone needs a lot of 49s…) and got a new set of flatwound 13s, for when I decide to take up Jazz guitar again. Also a feedback buster. Should I ever need to bust feedback. I could borrow Haru’s I suppose, but (a) I forgot about it when I was on the string supplying websites a couple of days ago and (b) a man needs his own feedback buster. Doesn’t fit the classical, sadly.

Go out for a run – along the South Bank and back down Blackfriars Road. Next time I’ll need to run for 25 minutes, which is faintly daunting. The underpass under Waterloo Bridge is becoming difficult to get through, as the string players who have taken up occupation there are very good, attracting lots of people to the confined space.

Dinner: Japanese style curry instant ramen. Generally Mmm.

Try writing a new website. With XML parsing, which is quite exciting, though long-winded.