just before I need to start screaming

Today is Passport day – I get there just before 10:00 and meet the members of the London Gypsy Orchestra, or at least the quorum who are playing today. I set up a stereo mic outside the studio (there’s not really enough room for them to play inside the studio) , and later when Shi, the accordionist, arrives, I set up microphones inside the studio to record her.

A four-hour show, anyway. Afterwards a trip to the deli for lunch and I catch the bus home, sharing it with schoolkids, which is always a joy, of course. Luckily I get off just before I need to start screaming.

Home, transfer the files and mix them. Lie on the floor for a bit.

H gets home. I make my standard rice stuff.

More mixing. Realise I can’t tell whether what I can hear is acceptable or not. Watch some TV.