Generally I should embrace the uncertainty etc

Up and at ’em, then: pack the suitcase with the gear and go to the SW1 studios. Today’s session will feature improvising pianist Steve Beresford and accordionist Yi Yao. There is always the possibility there might be someone else until there isn’t. Generally I should embrace the uncertainty etc (Mr B suggests that an engineer in such circumstances should be like David Attenborough’s film crew, just recording what’s there in the face of elephants, sharks and whatever nature throws at you, which is a good point).

Anyway, lovely show again.

Afterwards go to the deli for coffee (me) and lunch (everyone else), then home. I get lunch from downstairs and do such post-production as I can without Phil’s CDs.

After that I work on my own tracks. I think Another Time is ready to go, though still feel that it might need a guitar (probably not, though, eh), and I almost tame the insane strings on My Bumper Book of Lies by adding homeopathic harpsichord, which is the way Joby Talbot does it, I think (that or piano. Probably piano, come to think of it).

Then dinner and some bits and pieces, including buying tickets (so the summer has a bit of certainty, then) and archiving web stuff. This involves engagement with regular expressions, which I do only often enough that I need to relearn most of it each time.