the foyer is full of old pianos

Up later than I’d like as usual. Some listening to candidates for upload for tomorrow (MBBoL seems to be winning) and preparation for recording today.

So a lot of the day is spent skirting round the issue of recording, and recording and eating lunch. A lot of this was a lot of fun.

In the evening go to a meeting in Conway Hall, which is a very odd place. It seems to have been assembled from spare parts of other buildings, and the foyer is full of old pianos. I assume it’s been like that for decades, perhaps since it opened. It feels like a tradition rather than a venue. I like the fact that the Humanists and the mystics have to rub shoulders.

Home. Decide definitely to upload MBBoL and after a final mix tweak do so. Hopefully I’ll be able to get ahead a few weeks in the upload thing.