there’s a bit of dodging to be done

Supermarket. Bought lots of stuff including too many croissants. Which isn’t a problem as such.

Spent most of the day, in quite a relaxed fashion, chopping together the recordings I made last week and resynchronising them with the video they accompany. I’m quite proud of what I’ve done, and my ‘client’ seems to like it too, but there’s the possibility of a cat/pigeon situation of some kind.

After completing this I notice it’s a lot later than I thought it was (I’ve had terrible difficulty getting used to this year – firstly I keep writing 2008 when I mean 2009, and now I can’t get the hang of British Summer Time) and go out for a run. The GPS doesn’t want to work, which is annoying, and also the South Bank is gaining more tourists, though the fact that it’s Sunday evening probably swells the numbers. Consequently there’s a bit of dodging to be done. Still, feels good to have done it.

Superb donburi from H.

Complete the job (first draft) and re-upload the file.