the playgroup is audible all the way through

Another Passport Session. Today’s being the 30th show (not my 30th show. My 13th, actually, though I didn’t mention that. Bit scary), who the guests were to be was left quite open. We got visits from Yi and Tomoko (as with my second show). I got a lift from my father, which helped, as today I was also taking an extra mic stand and my guitar.

When I arrived, the hall was full of children: there was a playgroup session there. So I end up liaseing with the playgroup leader, something I’ve not done before. I realise that the Passport gig utilises a lot of stuff I must have learned in eight years of being a crafty, but never realised that I’d learned before. Liasing with playgroup leaders wasn’t explicitly covered of course, but it was sort of implied.

Hopefully we didn’t get in each other’s way too much, although the playgroup is audible all the way through. Very audible. Ha!

Lots of fun, and got to improvise with Yi and Tomako twice.

Also took a while to pack up, then off to the Deli, where we sat outside and planned the future. I had a bright idea for the last show before my summer break (if we get that far), then phoned for another lift, get home and immediately mix the session as best I can.

Also playing with synths, and after dinner, and up until Charlie Brooker’s show.