airports, or recording studios or heaven

Up too late, breakfast.

I do manage to get to the bank with the two out of the four cheques I have to pay in that were made out to the correct me. Often they’re made out to a completely different me.

Also manage to get to the supermarket. The vibe is totally different from on a Sunday morning, which shouldn’t surprise me, but at some level I think of supermarkets as being somehow outside time, like airports, or recording studios or heaven.

(Actually, neither airports nor recording studios are outside time, and they can get very expensive if you relate to them wrongly, time-wise, but I always think of them operating differently in relation to time. Of heaven, of course, I have no idea.)

Home. Cook dinner, very early.

Haru gets home and we have dinner. I retire to the bedroom to remix the hypno thing, upload it and add another version of the guitar solo to Nothing But Green Grass. I suppose eventually I’ll put up with what I have and upload that.

Sorting tracks for the Passport show tomorrow.