There is some debate about whether it’s acceptable to sneak behind the altar

Up at 7:20, just after H. leaves. I prepare myself and depart to the SW1 studio, early.

On the way I get a text from Gareth (12:00 – 14:00) to say that he’s ill and won’t be there.

I get there at 9:20 (which is incredibly early) and Katya, half the breakfast team, who is on a cigarette break, is shocked. She also points out the fact that they’re setting up for mass right in front of the route between the studio and the outside world.

The caretaker asks if we can be quite between 9:45 and 10:30, which is about when I’m expecting my guest (Dave Russell) to arrive.

Anyway, it looks like we’ll be trapped in the studio by the Church. Katya wants to go home; Serge wants to go to Stevenage. There is some debate about whether it’s acceptable to sneak behind the altar (actually a table), and the general consensus (i.e. Serge, who used to be an altar boy, and me, who’s a bit frightened of priests) is no, even if wearing cardboard wings in imitation of angels.

Dave eventually sneaks in around the back, and Katya and Serge sneak out the same way.

All the excitement means that I’m playing catch-up, programming tracks and setting up the mics for Dave, but it all seems to work. Dave plays lots of songs, and after he leaves I continue playing tracks and burbling until 14:00, when Martin, who’s supposed to take over at that time, comes in to put the autopilot on.

I go and get a bus home. When there I have lunch and then lie on the floor and sleep for a bit.

H gets home, we have dinner and after dinner I mix Nothing But Green Grass. So that’s another one ready to go.

Stay up late watching TV. Bah.