just sidled through

Up late and to Ev in the sunshine for lunch, which was an almost perfect thing to do. Then wandered along to the Oxo Tower for the last of the exhibition of Storm Thorgerson’s photographs. The artist was in attendance, but I wouldn’t have been able to think of anything to say, so just sidled through.

Then had a beer and went home, where I continued to edit. Today I discovered that I’d firmly grabbed the wrong end of the stick and started all over again. But more quickly now I knew what I was supposed to be doing. Hum.

Still, when it was done it was done, and managed to have a nice chat to Vinka as well, which is good. A-and got the pearcelecture application form ready to go. So two things achieved, which is a remarkable improvement over recent times.

Later on – listen to Schubert String Quartets on Spotify as we do the toast. The ads are almost annoying enough to want to subscribe. Almost.

Chopping and changing between them.

Up late – croissants (those ones with creme filling: don’t reheat them) – spend the day doing bits and pieces that need to be done, such as the editing job, mixing Passport sessions (last Wednesday’s, which I thought was going to be easy, is actually quite challenging). Chopping and changing between them.

In the evening I get fish and chips and beer from the newly reconstituted off-license on the corner. It makes a lot more sense to be organised this way, I suppose, but when I’m standing in the shop I’m simultaneously in shop-now and shop-before, which is quite startling.

I find that I need to add credits and title to the moviette. Not sure that I should be interfering so much, but…

glorious blue skies, but not too hot

Up late, but I suppose I needed the sleep.

Breakfast, upload River Rise to jp.com and eventually into Walker, where I retouch pictures for the rest of the day, missing lunch.

The weather is essentially perfect – glorious blue skies, but not too hot.

Home, and get pizza from downstairs, and wine from the corner shop.

After eating dinner I carry on with editing and other tasks that needed to be done after a week of non-computerness.

Much more than it’s not worth it when they don’t.

Don’t get up in the morning. Haru does, makes it as far as the station, then turns around and comes back home and to bed. It’s a strange unpleasantness – don’t feel ill as such, just so incredibly dizzy that I can’t move. Ah well.

Eventually do get up and have lunch. Do get a call from the AppleStore to say that the computer has been repaired and that perhaps I shouldn’t let it get so full of dust in the future. Which is a good point. The second time this week that a professional has gently but firmly repaired the results of my allowing cruft to accumulate. Still to dizzy to do it.

In the afternoon I get a lift to the Store and pick up the computer from a highly decorated but somewhat manic concierge. Still, the Applecare should be considered part of the price, it really is worth it when things go wrong. Much more than it’s not worth it when they don’t.

Home. Rest. Then put the computer back and reconnect everything. H makes chilli.

After dinner I begin an editing job that should have been done before but wasn’t, largely because of the late arrival of the materials, the non-presence of the computer and my radical horizontality.

Still, things are looking up.

really quite epic

Passport in the morning – Kokila and Pavel and Christian; Violin and piano and songs and The Rose and the Nightingale by Oscar Wilde. Tremendous stuff, actually. The reading-with-music of the Wilde story is really quite epic.

Get home, have fruit and out to Walker. However, when I get there and start working I pass out on the table. And then under the table. Don’t know what it is. Feels like dizzyness, instability. Doesn’t feel like illness, if you see what I mean, but it is incapacitating.

At five thirty I walk home. There’s soup and bread, and a bit of TV.

pleasant, efficient and non-judgemental

Up a bit later than I’d like. Actually, “a bit later than I’d like” is a good, or at leat appropriate, motto for the day.

Into Walker – small tweak to one book, and pasting together pictures for another. I work through lunch and at 2:20 go home, clean my teeth and then to the hygienist.

She’s good, actually – I’ve decided that my main criteria for a dentist are pleasant, efficient and non-judgemental, and not necessarily in that order.

She scrapes away for a bit and I go home rather than back to Walker. Have lunch. Clean teeth. Dither.

H comes home and I make something involving sausages and rice.

In the evening I get stuck into Spotify, which I’ve not tried before. It’s certainly a future, and I can see why people pay good money to get rid of the ads, though I’m not convinced it’s quite a business model yet (as most of the ads are for Spotify itself).

strangely populous

Another bank holiday. Up late. Too much toast for breakfast. Spend day feeling vaguely bewildered. Keep thinking I’ll do recording, then remember I can’t. Do tidying up though, which is nice.

In the evening to the VAC – many faves in attendance, strangely populous for a bank holiday. Play Learning to Crash and River Rise, with a capella-ish opening. Make up nice bit of schtick about bows and musical instruments.

Home too late, to bed too late. Ho hum.

Summer appears to be here.

Supermarket, then breakfast, then general stuff. I keep thinking I can go into the bedroom and… then I remember my big computer is at the repairer. Hopefully.

Buy and download the new Madness album, listening to it as I do some ironing. Quite marvellous.

Gloriously sunny day. Summer appears to be here.

I walk up to Maplin and buy some cable ties. When I get home I proceed to tie my two 30m Jack to Jack cables together to make a very long stereo cable, which should help with the Passport show.

I find a tutorial on the internet that tells me how to wind cables properly. I’m so amazed that I spend several hours winding cables, and re-arranging things slightly.

After dinner watch Zatoichi and plan shelving. If only I’d had Illustrator twenty years ago when I put the shelves in originally.

occasionally vexing

Today I finish the Faure book and upload it, and download the next lot of fairy pictures (although it won’t amount to as much as I’d hoped, as a lot of them I’ve done already).

Also do some bits on a website.

In the evening I go for a run – over Tower Bridge. Luckily not too many near collisions. This whole “where do I run in the summer when there are tourists around” thing is occasionally vexing.

I use almost all my available inputs

In the morning it’s the Passport show. Today I choose to get on the C10, which is then stuck in a jam and stops altogether at Tate Modern. Ho hum. Good session. I use almost all my available inputs, which is nice.

Home, then off to the Royal Festival Hall to meet with Denise and Brendan and discuss Denise’s website. I realise that most of the other tables have meetings on them as well. The building is a very open plan office space.


In the evening, back to Pimlico, as I’m pretending to be Phil for the SW1 Radio DJ meeting. There will be changes. Let’s see what happens.

Home. Install Boxee, which looks great, but doesn’t quite behave itself. Then neither does Plex. They’re a pair of tearaways they are.