I even play requests

Up earlyish, but not so that I’m not leaving the flat late – and then when I’m in the shower, there’s a message from Phil – the breakfast team aren’t in, so I have to go and pick up the key from the director’s flat. I go and stand at the bus stop, relisten to Phil’s message and accidentally call him. He comes and picks me up. It takes some time to find the flat, and when we do it appears to be full of smoke. We pick up the keys and Phil drops me off at the studio.

When I get in there, it takes me a while to find the lights (the switch is not the one by the door, which is what I was expecting), and get everything working, so the show starts late. When it does start, I send a message out over Twitter and Facebook, so actually several people are listening to me, and I even play requests.

Gareth gets in at just before noon, and I hand over, but there’s some difficulty in getting the laptop to make sound. I go to the deli and have lunch, then catch the bus home.

When I get home, I find that I’ve stolen Gareth’s iPod by mistake, and go back to Pimlico again. When I get on the bus, I find that my Oyster has run out.

Get to the studio, drop off the iPod, then walk to Pimlico tube and recharge the Oyster, and catch a bus home.

At home do some guitar practise.

H comes home.

I go out for a run around, over Tower Bridge. However, as it’s high tourist season, even after 20:00, I have several collisions. I’m going to have to find myself another route, then.

Home, shower, delicious Japanese food, then check a couple of songs, including the brand new one, which I think I’ve mixed now. Interesting that very small changes can alter the way that a piece fits together hugely.