perhaps to intimidate patrons

Get up (and consequently to Walker) very late, although the weather is lovely.

Finish off the current Maisy book, at least until it comes back from the Printer.

Lunch in the sun. The council, possibly as a joke, have set up park benches with a view of the Queen Anne strip club, perhaps to intimidate patrons. If so, it doesn’t seem to be working. For their part, the Queen Anne, have put up signs saying things like “Known for their extensive charity work” and “Cold draught beers sold every day” and “As seen on TV”, as though the fact that they also advertise Exotic Dancers was something of an afterthought. And besides, wasn’t it Crimewatch they were featured on? Or at least a premium satellite channel that doesn’t start until 23:00?

Home, cook, then after dinner watch a couple of episodes of The Wire. Everything that everyone says about this show is true.