I don’t know what that means.

Still up later than I’d like, and, indeed, late to SW1R, although that does mean I miss mass. I stand outside the door and wait. Several old ladies tell me to go through the side door, but I wait at the main door. The guitarist comes to let me in, though through the side door, so I end up going through the side door anyway. I don’t know what that means.

Quickly set up the recording gear, and mic the piano. Get the session running at about 11:15, and we’re done with enough time for me to be packed by 12:00, which makes me feel quite happy.

Coffee at the deli, then get the bus home.

To the dentist at 15:15, though I have to wait until 15:50, then get five minutes and told to make more appointments, all for forty quid.

Home. Dither, then more Faure designing, which takes me up to dinner and a couple of hours after. Then some more The Wire