Retrospectively planned, perhaps.

I meant to do some work today, but didn’t. Not news, that.

It seems the internet is down.

To the supermarket, then breakfast. Then I copy the sound files of last night’s gig from the Zoom recorder to the desktop computer, and begin to look for wires to allow me to copy the recording on the minidisk. This gets very involved, and doesn’t really result in success, except for my sorting out a bunch of cables, which is a kind of inadvertant success. Eventually I copy the shows onto the Macbook.

At 11:00am, the ISP send an email to warn that there will be a planned outage between 8:00 and 19:00. I suspect they have to say it’s planned so that they won’t have to pay compensation. Retrospectively planned, perhaps.

Lunch, more dithering, and I copy the files across from the Macbook to the desktop Mac and finally mix last Wednesday’s Passport session and the shows from last night. The WAV files from the Zoom and the files from the minisdisk match up perfectly. Astonishing.

Go out for a run (getting quite late by this time), then have shower, dinner and watch the first couple of episodes of The Wire with commentary.