Summer appears to be here.

Supermarket, then breakfast, then general stuff. I keep thinking I can go into the bedroom and… then I remember my big computer is at the repairer. Hopefully.

Buy and download the new Madness album, listening to it as I do some ironing. Quite marvellous.

Gloriously sunny day. Summer appears to be here.

I walk up to Maplin and buy some cable ties. When I get home I proceed to tie my two 30m Jack to Jack cables together to make a very long stereo cable, which should help with the Passport show.

I find a tutorial on the internet that tells me how to wind cables properly. I’m so amazed that I spend several hours winding cables, and re-arranging things slightly.

After dinner watch Zatoichi and plan shelving. If only I’d had Illustrator twenty years ago when I put the shelves in originally.