pleasant, efficient and non-judgemental

Up a bit later than I’d like. Actually, “a bit later than I’d like” is a good, or at leat appropriate, motto for the day.

Into Walker – small tweak to one book, and pasting together pictures for another. I work through lunch and at 2:20 go home, clean my teeth and then to the hygienist.

She’s good, actually – I’ve decided that my main criteria for a dentist are pleasant, efficient and non-judgemental, and not necessarily in that order.

She scrapes away for a bit and I go home rather than back to Walker. Have lunch. Clean teeth. Dither.

H comes home and I make something involving sausages and rice.

In the evening I get stuck into Spotify, which I’ve not tried before. It’s certainly a future, and I can see why people pay good money to get rid of the ads, though I’m not convinced it’s quite a business model yet (as most of the ads are for Spotify itself).