Much more than it’s not worth it when they don’t.

Don’t get up in the morning. Haru does, makes it as far as the station, then turns around and comes back home and to bed. It’s a strange unpleasantness – don’t feel ill as such, just so incredibly dizzy that I can’t move. Ah well.

Eventually do get up and have lunch. Do get a call from the AppleStore to say that the computer has been repaired and that perhaps I shouldn’t let it get so full of dust in the future. Which is a good point. The second time this week that a professional has gently but firmly repaired the results of my allowing cruft to accumulate. Still to dizzy to do it.

In the afternoon I get a lift to the Store and pick up the computer from a highly decorated but somewhat manic concierge. Still, the Applecare should be considered part of the price, it really is worth it when things go wrong. Much more than it’s not worth it when they don’t.

Home. Rest. Then put the computer back and reconnect everything. H makes chilli.

After dinner I begin an editing job that should have been done before but wasn’t, largely because of the late arrival of the materials, the non-presence of the computer and my radical horizontality.

Still, things are looking up.