just sidled through

Up late and to Ev in the sunshine for lunch, which was an almost perfect thing to do. Then wandered along to the Oxo Tower for the last of the exhibition of Storm Thorgerson’s photographs. The artist was in attendance, but I wouldn’t have been able to think of anything to say, so just sidled through.

Then had a beer and went home, where I continued to edit. Today I discovered that I’d firmly grabbed the wrong end of the stick and started all over again. But more quickly now I knew what I was supposed to be doing. Hum.

Still, when it was done it was done, and managed to have a nice chat to Vinka as well, which is good. A-and got the pearcelecture application form ready to go. So two things achieved, which is a remarkable improvement over recent times.

Later on – listen to Schubert String Quartets on Spotify as we do the toast. The ads are almost annoying enough to want to subscribe. Almost.