in this case, open, but still

I think today might have been a relatively good day, achievement-wise, if not as completion-packed as yesterday. I:

  1. Went to the dentist for a final scrape. Chatty hygienist, which isn’t something I have a problem with, as she’s perfectly nice. But I know what happens when I try to chat to normal people – they get confused and start surreptitiously looking around for escape routes. At one point I mentioned that the first time I went to the dentist, the drill was powered by an elastic band (and it is true that I remember that). At another that my experience with dentists was going to see them, and they grudgingly allowing one to keep one’s teeth for another six months. I really should keep my mouth shut. Or in this case, open, but still.

    Anyway, I have nice clean teeth now. And I corrected an error on their computer, which had me down as five years younger than I am. Felt excessively pedantic, that.

  2. Went to the polling station to play my part in the masterpiece of showbiz that is democracy.

    I approach the desk (where they are, as usual, all smiley) and ask if I can use the gents first. They give me directions, and afterwards are noticeably less smiley, like I’ve breached some unspoken electoral etiquette.

    Huge number of parties to vote for. I think this might be the first opportunity I’ve ever had to refuse to vote for Arthur Scargill, and I seized it with both hands. Well, I seized the crayon with one hand, and drew a large cross in one of the boxes. Not Arthur Scargill. And no, not one of the fascist parties, either. You can parse that however you like.

  3. On getting home, I make up and send some invoices, and tidy up the invoicing application I made. By which I mean “actually made the forms work, as opposed to cheating and putting all the data in the database back end”. Though there’s still some of that.
  4. In the afternoon I take Phil’s cheques to the bank and go to the health-food restaurant in Lower Marsh and buy dried fruit.
  5. I record guitars for the remakes of Hey Hey Hey and Act of Will that I was doing, despite the fact that the Metafilter Music Challenge that reminded me to do it is over. All grist to the mill. I’ve forgotten what grist is, again. I’ll have to go and look it up.
  6. Haru comes home. Drink tea, and listen to more tracks.
  7. Go for a run – along the South Bank from Lambeth Bridge to Borough Market. Actually the route is longer than the amount of puff I have in me, so I have a long walk home. There is an extraordinary cow-shaped venue fabrication by the South Bank Centre.
  8. After shower, and dinner (excellent pork donburi by H), I go and listen to what was hitherto a simple loop called Brass Walk and which becomes a song called A Long Walk in the Hills.
  9. Launch Circle/Line as this weeks upload, after writing a blurb for it.

So quite an eventful day, I suppose. Probably should have done completely different things (apart from the dentist and the democracy) but never mind.

Oh, and: Grist