we squeeze in between the playgroup and the barbeque

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast etc.

After Haru goes out I do dither a bit, then mix some older Passport sessions and burn CDs of them before setting off for today’s special one-off Passport show with the fragment of the London Gypsy Orchestra. Get there 11:30, arriving the same time as Phil, then we squeeze in between the playgroup and the barbeque. I think there were some good recordings, we’ll have to see.

Get home, then have sandwich and sit in shock for a while before going in to Walker. More retouching and leave at about 20:00.

I don’t do any Fairies this evening – my brain and eyes are bubbling, and I don’t want to unpack the suitcase, as I’ll be taking it all back in to SW1R tomorrow. Ho hum.