the in-the-moment demand

Up… well, a little later.

Today is a clumsiness day, I notice this very early on. Not just me – the cable between my mixer and the station is pulled out by accident (leading to a certain amount of dead air time), and the noticeboard falls off the wall, along with a number of other minor occurences.

Today’s Passport session is three Arabic musicians, who are very nice. I set up all the microphones, taking no chances. Obviously this takes a while to pack up, but am eventually chatting in the sun, drinking cappucino.

Home, then mix the session. Like last week’s, it seems to be a little more difficult to mix afterwards than it was at the moment, largely because the in-the-moment demand is that things be heard, whereas afterwards there’s the wish to make it sound nice. I manage it, anyway, and for an encore mix last week’s session.

In the evening I make all the covers and CDs for the Mixtape round coming up (that is to say I have to do 11 CDs and covers). Good that that’s done. H watches me make the covers and tells me she respects my madness, which is good, I think.