feedback besets them, like a drunken heckler

Lovely weather – I walk to the post office to send the Mix CDs I’ve made (the chap behind the counter gives me a first class stamp for each one, which I can’t help feeling isn’t enough, but there we are), then walk up, over Millenium bridge and past St Pauls to the Guildhall to sip orange juice from Pret a Manger and watch the North Sea Radio Orchestra in the sunshine, which is quite lovely, although as it’s people’s lunchtimes there are many animated conversations around, which is a shame. This is the pocket-sized orchestra (two strings, two woodwind, three vocals and several keyboards, plus guitar and percussion). Intermittent feedback besets them, like a drunken heckler.

(Speaking of drunken – I saw a street dweller having a conversation on his mobile phone. I can see how this is perfectly plausible – old phones can be given away, and Pay-as-you-go SIM cards are affordable. It’s just that it’s so twenty-first century.)

Walk to Maplins to convince myself not to buy anything (no, really, that’s what happened. Perhaps it was the air conditioning), then to Liverpool Street to top up my Oyster and get the bus home.

Bounce down rough mixes of the songs I recorded yesterday.

In the evening to the movements (my foot, which was paining me this morning, mysteriously recovered during the NSRO performance – spooky, eh?).

Home – copious donburi by H: Mmm!