I’m convinced I’ve forgotten all my songs.

I get up at 11:30, having slept from 7:30, having been afflicted by insomnia. I speak to an expert re an ongoing work problem (possible “insanity” is a better word than problem), and do some practising.

Pack up the Godin at 17:00 and get to the Barge. Lengthy soundchecking / rehearsal takes place. I’m convinced I’ve forgotten all my songs.

Begin something like 20:30 – I do Gravity, Nothing But Green Grass, Learning to Crash, River Rise and Iodine. There’s a forlorn cry for The Things You Get, but I tell them to hang on until Christmas. Goes quite well, I think. I forget slightly less of the bridges in Nothing But Green Grass.

After a break the Jeays band takes to the stage and plays the new album, plus Cupid plus (by popular demand) Laughing Song and Geoff. Lots of fun, and I’m amazed at some of the things coming out of my fingers – I just sit and watch them playing.

Post-gig drink, then catch a 344 home.