So, a day of obstructions.

Up… oh, later. Sit. Breakfast. Get into Walker about 10:30. The weather is still fairly rubbish, but I don’t mind fairly rubbish weather as long as I’m inside.

Around the corner, someone is chopping down a lamp post with a chainsaw (no, I didn’t know they did that either), so I’m obstructed, and have to detour round them; outside the Imperial War Museum, my way is blocked by a sea of schoolgirls getting off a coach and filling the pavement, so I have to push through them; on reaching the studio where I’m working, my way is blocked by someone emptying a plan chest.

So, a day of obstructions.

Find out why my address keeps dropping off the Post Office’s database: the post deliverer keeps reporting it as non-existent, presumably because when they ring the doorbell no one answers. I have a long argument with someone from the Post Office about it: they say that it’s up to the Post person, and anyway if it causes problems in other spheres it’s not their responsibility. I wonder how often he has this argument.

Retouching, go out for lunch with Ben, back again, more retouching.

Finish at about 16:30 and walk home. Torrential downpour makes me stop under a bus shelter. A let-up allows me to walk home again, but then it redoubles its effort and adds hail to the mix. I run for home and am drenched.

Look on the plinth website to see a woman from Manchester who’s just survived it, amazingly. Talking to herself and trying to stay cheerful. Her family have sheltered in the National Gallery, and I can’t say I blame them.

In the evening do PDF of the book job that was such a hassle last week and upload it. Clear space on my laptop for tomorrow’s Passport. Faintly terrified.