loads of microphones

Up at 6:00; sit, breakfast, H leaves. I pack. I’m very nervous.

I get a lift at 8:30, but when I get to the Hall, find that it’s locked, so I have to wait until Phil’s got the key and unlocked it, anyway. I start setting up the stuff – and there’s a lot of stuff this week – we move up the piano and I set up loads of microphones.

Anyway, exciting morning: Passport show with lots of guests and an audience and everything, me switching between them a lot. Then to the deli for coffee, back to the hall to pick up my stuff, then lift home.

I mix the morning’s session, then lie down.

H gets home. I make kedgeree (which necessitates her going out to get some butter and some parsley, sadly…), then watch The Happiest Days of Your Life, which makes me laugh out loud more than any Launder and Gilliatt that I can remember. Then TV, including a leap forward to season 3 (?) The Wire.