(horrible term, delicious meal)

A surprisingly active Bank Holiday – Haru gets excellent food from Ev for brunch (horrible term, delicious meal), and I sort things to take to the dump and take them to the dump. I also add the more interesting ones to Things I Threw Away. Some more website work, some more soundfile cleaning, the toast, planning out the next few months. Soon to bed too late again. Ho hum.

perfectly straighforward

Not sure – lift to the supermarket – shopping – breakfast.

Spend an inordinate amount of the day trying to get a perfectly straighforward bit of code working, then doing website work.

In the evening go and get Indian takewaway and watch Ghost in the Shell II and teh second series of Big Train and am currently up far too late.

literally, wasted

A sort of desultory day – I get up late, rush to SW1 Radio, can’t get in as the key that’s supposed to open the outside door doesn’t and the key to the studio has been put in the wrong place (which I only find out after about twenty minutes), then when I finally do get in and get the programme (which was prerecorded last week, when the broadcasting part of the station had failed), discover that it’s not going out again. I stay to play the whole thing, but most likely no one heard it apart from me and I’ve heard it before. The morning was, literally, wasted. That doesn’t often happen, usually there’s some achievement in there somewhere, but no.

Go home, buying Marine Ices ice cream from the deli on the way.

I do manage some things – for example I post a number of CDs – but in general it feels like a failure day. I have to lie down again, and don’t manage to do a lot of the things I’d wanted to.

The ice cream’s very good, though.

In the very late evening I do overdub a guitar on Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt which works in the chord parts, but not the solo. Oh, well, I have to get something finished by Friday.


Um, mostly dithering. I do do some sound-cleaning-up – one of those tasks that I ought to do, but am using as a displacement activity for other, rather more urgent, tasks.


That’s nice. There’s symmetry in that.

Oh, stuff, you know. I manage to tick things off my To Do list and (interestingly) warily circle, yet do not do, other things.

At the supermarket I discover that they’re now packaging descaler to appeal to men. I buy a bottle, take it home and discover that we already have two that I completely forgot buying. So the packaging works. I use some of it. The product works, too. That’s nice. There’s symmetry in that.

Other things… I do a lot of work on the Passport site, and now it’s bigger with photos in it. Which I think is a good thing.

I try recording strings on Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt, though I’ll probably drop them.

And I burn the final edit of next week’s Passport show to CD for Phil to listen to. As already alluded to, next week’s is last week’s, but edited.

I’m sure there was something else… I cut up a large cardboard box with a Stanley knife, that has to count for something.

Not even on my list of things to do.

Lie in as usual on a Saturday, then have excellent croissants that H bought last night on the way home.

H goes out for a walk and I circle round various things I need to do (I know because I made a list). I manage a couple of them, and feel ridiculously good about that, despite the fact that I could have managed loads. I distract myself with looking at sites about Impulse Responses. Mmm.

H comes home.

In the evening, traditional fish and chips. Some telly. And I finish editing next week’s Passport show for transmission – they’re usually live, but last weeks didn’t go out, so I’ll play it from a recording next Wednesday.

Stay up late designing a website. Not even on my list of things to do.

the environment can go to hell when it’s my comfort and convenience at stake

Not such a productive day (again), although I do manage to get to the post office and establish that buying a whole bunch of stamps is more difficult than it used to be.

In the evening to a pub with H, to chat to a lot of old VAC friends, which was a very fine way to spend an evening. Warmed by a patio heater, as the environment can go to hell when it’s my comfort and convenience at stake.

The twenty-first century recedes slightly.

In the morning, apart from dithering (which is slightly disappointing, as I’d rather do stuff than dither, but dithering exerts its own gravitational force), I do a little more sound-file work.

At lunchtime to docklands to meet with Denise and Brendan regarding Denise’s website, which Brendan has been rejigging. I just have to make it now.

Home, dither some more.

Haru comes home, I make dinner, then I find out that the standard size for printable postage from Royal Mail is larger than the mailer I want to stick it on, so I’ll have to go to the post office and get stamps. The twenty-first century recedes slightly.

for my own purposes

Interesting Passport session today – the output of SW1 radio wasn’t actually working, so we recorded the show, I’ll put it onto CD and play it next week. Huh. Featuring the Chinese Tea-House Ensemble (I think they’d prefer to be called something else, but they’re the CT-HE now), and Matt and Suzie, an excellent classical-guitar+vocals duo. And I record Cielo for my own purposes.

Repair to the deli to drink coffee and plan for the future. I get a lift home, then mix today’s session.

I also get a bus up to Blade Rubber to pick up a stamp. Some small boys ask for directions. I give them directions, then worry that I’ve sent them off in the wrong direction. Hum.

Bus home. More mixing, into the evening (I was going to go to an open-mic, but as my guitar is not playing nicely I don’t). Still more to do (I’ve got to integrate it with the rest of the show. I was going to make it shorter and play some of my own tunes, but the challenge of creating a fake Passport show is actually quite alluring.

if not necessarily to beer

Up, sit, breakfast.

This morning, I:

Sorted out a misunderstanding with the TV LIcensing people. There are several erroneous variants on my address, and they’d sent a threatening letter to one of these.

Ordered a rubber stamp from Blade Rubber.

Did some more work on the Passport Sessions site.

This afternoon I:

Located a deleted file at Walker Books. I don’t know who deleted it. Not me, I think. Anyway, there was a copy on the hard disk of the computer I usually use.

Went to the supermarket. Bought, among other things, strawberries and alcohol-free beer, which I found in Barcelona to be a very nice alternative to soft drinks, if not necessarily to beer.

This evening I went to the VAC. With one exception entirely male line-up. Strange atmosphere in the audience – quite un-VACish, almost aggressive.

Home. Pasta salad, with alcohol-free beer.