pointing obscenely to Heaven

Another day off, supposedly the last in a lovely weekend of days off.

Knee still hurting. Wake up at 11:00, too late for breakfast, too early for lunch, then decide to go to Greenwich and visit the Mean Time brewery’s pub and have lunch there – to Waterloo East (bump into Isabelle from Walker with partner and friends, on their way to Camden Lock), then get train to Greenwich.

Reach pub, place order. After long wait, and most of a glass of beer, ask waiter if it’s really supposed to take that long, and it appears that the order wasn’t placed. He asks whether the person who placed the order was “a blond bloke”, and when I say he was, the waiter shrugs, as though that explains everything. Not an apology as such, and we do finally get our food, though after a delay.

Then go for a walk through Greenwich Park in the sunshine, up to the observatory – The Isle of Dogs, which contained as single tower fifteen years ago, pointing obscenely to Heaven, is now home to a new post-Space-Age city.

Home. Dessert, then I lie down. Beginning to wonder whether I am, perhaps, ill. I’d thought to avoid Swine Flu by going to live in a convent for three weeks, but perhaps that was thinking too soon.

Japanese noodles by H, who’s feeling a bit under the weather herself. Soon to bed. Perhaps I’ll wake up bright and breezy tomorrow morning, and it will all have been an over-dramatization.