if not necessarily to beer

Up, sit, breakfast.

This morning, I:

Sorted out a misunderstanding with the TV LIcensing people. There are several erroneous variants on my address, and they’d sent a threatening letter to one of these.

Ordered a rubber stamp from Blade Rubber.

Did some more work on the Passport Sessions site.

This afternoon I:

Located a deleted file at Walker Books. I don’t know who deleted it. Not me, I think. Anyway, there was a copy on the hard disk of the computer I usually use.

Went to the supermarket. Bought, among other things, strawberries and alcohol-free beer, which I found in Barcelona to be a very nice alternative to soft drinks, if not necessarily to beer.

This evening I went to the VAC. With one exception entirely male line-up. Strange atmosphere in the audience – quite un-VACish, almost aggressive.

Home. Pasta salad, with alcohol-free beer.