for my own purposes

Interesting Passport session today – the output of SW1 radio wasn’t actually working, so we recorded the show, I’ll put it onto CD and play it next week. Huh. Featuring the Chinese Tea-House Ensemble (I think they’d prefer to be called something else, but they’re the CT-HE now), and Matt and Suzie, an excellent classical-guitar+vocals duo. And I record Cielo for my own purposes.

Repair to the deli to drink coffee and plan for the future. I get a lift home, then mix today’s session.

I also get a bus up to Blade Rubber to pick up a stamp. Some small boys ask for directions. I give them directions, then worry that I’ve sent them off in the wrong direction. Hum.

Bus home. More mixing, into the evening (I was going to go to an open-mic, but as my guitar is not playing nicely I don’t). Still more to do (I’ve got to integrate it with the rest of the show. I was going to make it shorter and play some of my own tunes, but the challenge of creating a fake Passport show is actually quite alluring.