That’s nice. There’s symmetry in that.

Oh, stuff, you know. I manage to tick things off my To Do list and (interestingly) warily circle, yet do not do, other things.

At the supermarket I discover that they’re now packaging descaler to appeal to men. I buy a bottle, take it home and discover that we already have two that I completely forgot buying. So the packaging works. I use some of it. The product works, too. That’s nice. There’s symmetry in that.

Other things… I do a lot of work on the Passport site, and now it’s bigger with photos in it. Which I think is a good thing.

I try recording strings on Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt, though I’ll probably drop them.

And I burn the final edit of next week’s Passport show to CD for Phil to listen to. As already alluded to, next week’s is last week’s, but edited.

I’m sure there was something else… I cut up a large cardboard box with a Stanley knife, that has to count for something.