literally, wasted

A sort of desultory day – I get up late, rush to SW1 Radio, can’t get in as the key that’s supposed to open the outside door doesn’t and the key to the studio has been put in the wrong place (which I only find out after about twenty minutes), then when I finally do get in and get the programme (which was prerecorded last week, when the broadcasting part of the station had failed), discover that it’s not going out again. I stay to play the whole thing, but most likely no one heard it apart from me and I’ve heard it before. The morning was, literally, wasted. That doesn’t often happen, usually there’s some achievement in there somewhere, but no.

Go home, buying Marine Ices ice cream from the deli on the way.

I do manage some things – for example I post a number of CDs – but in general it feels like a failure day. I have to lie down again, and don’t manage to do a lot of the things I’d wanted to.

The ice cream’s very good, though.

In the very late evening I do overdub a guitar on Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt which works in the chord parts, but not the solo. Oh, well, I have to get something finished by Friday.