Only less droppy, obviously.

Up a little late. Hum. Waking up is a bit tenuous. Feels a bit like clinging on to a cliff by one’s fingernails. Only less droppy, obviously.

Anyway, usual morning stuff.

I spend the day doing lots of little things, only by the end of it realising I’ve managed to avoid doing the things I really needed to do. Sneaky me.

I do record and edit lead and copious backing vocals for Care, which will presumably be this week’s upload.

I don’t complete the audio editing I meant to, or the website I meant to or all the other things I meant to.

I do make dinner – an insane hamburgersteak concoction – and H gets chips.

After dinner we do the toast. Another month gone. My goodness. Some temporal pixie has their foot on the accellerator, don’t they.

under the hood of life

Back to a proper early and organised start to the day. Hooray.

In the morning, I do manage to do some bits and pieces, before heading off to Denise’s. At London Bridge, the computerised announcement says “The train at platform twelve will leave at twelve forty-five. The sample for both “twelves” is the same, and it’s said with a strange inflection. Consequently, the computer sounds like a performance poet, who thinks he’s discovered a clever bit of wordplay.

We record a relaxation session for her website, and Brendan comes and takes some photos for same.

The weather is still nice, so a lot of this is outdoors. Not the stuff to do with computers, of course. I discover that modern bubble-blowing technology far outstrips anything I had when I was a child, but also that you can’t blow bubbles with modern washing-up liquid, possibly as a way of charging premium rates for bubble-blowing liquid.

How does all this happen? All these developments and machinations taking place under the hood of life. I had no idea.

Denise gives me a lift home, and I do some sound file work, then dinner, then the same thing.

It feels like a productive day. I’d better not examine it too closely.

the day mostly turns to mush

As I didn’t really get any sleep last night, the day mostly turns to mush, although I do manage to get some website bits done. Bah.

In the evening to the Movements. Irritable for some reason. Out of the corner of a metaphorical internal eye, I watch the part of me being irritated for no reason making everything less fun for the rest of me.

Home, dinner, finish the website job. Soon to bed.

time seems to have gone gelatinous on me

Hmm. In the morning I’m still struggling with the same task as yesterday, that I thought would be done by the end of the weekend (time seems to have gone gelatinous on me), and in the afternoon I have a similarly ineffective tussle with Denise’s old PC, her new Mac and a couple of ethernet cables.

On the way I change at London Bridge, where all the information boards are dead, consequently no one knows where their train is going from (over 13 platforms in two or three places). General air of panic. I get on a train while the staff are still managing to be helpful.

Anyway, get to Denise’s and sit in the garden enjoying the last of the Autumn. Then try to get Windows 2000 communicating to Mac, which it doesn’t want to do. Windows 2000 is a completely ridiculous OS – essentially all the really useful stuff is put at the back of drawers labelled with completely different things. If this is what 98% of computer users had to deal with, it’s amazing that anything ever got done. Eventually the PC is brought to my flat and I successfully transfer the files Denise wanted me to. As payment I get the monitor that used to go with the PC. Hurrah, I now have fully-functioning screen on both sides. It’s a bit like getting my ears unblocked. Only visual.

Glad we’ve got that settled.

A strangely unfocused day: I do manage to do things, but I’m still struggling with the one-and-a-half screens in a way that I don’t struggle with only one screen. Yes, I know. I could. Yes. I don’t know why I don’t, I just don’t.

Glad we’ve got that settled.

I do manage to do a bunch of stuff, but not enough, somehow.

In the evening to the Movements class, which goes quite well. Then home to realise that I’ve forgotten to do a job that I’m supposed to do every day, for several days. Hum.

which doesn’t help, really

H gets up with a start and a panic at 7:09. Late for work. It takes me several minutes to remember it’s Sunday.

After the Supermarket and breakfast and cleaning the bathroom, I dither for a bit, then realise it’s half-past one, then try to get some recording done, but it doesn’t go so well, partly because I need a lie down (I keep falling asleep in the middle of takes, which doesn’t help, really) and after that probably because I’ve not been practising. By dinner time I’ve managed a few things, but doesn’t feel like a hugely successful day.

I probably ought to turn off that half

A lot of the day spent working on a website – it’s strange how missing half of one screen slows me down! I probably ought to turn off that half, but don’t seem to get round to it.

In the afternoon I walk up to London Bridge, pay a largish cheque into the bank and immediately celebrate by buying tomorrow’s breakfast from Borough Market. It costs about the same as going to the caff, but with absolutely top ingredients.

On the way back, I buy a cafetiere and a toast rack and photograph an abandoned doll.

In the evening to the QEH to see the magnificent June Tabor in concert, another of those people whom I’ve wanted to see perform for a very long time and have only just got the chance to see (only Elizabeth Fraser and Young Marble Giants left, I think… oh, and XTC, but there’s literally no chance of that happening).

Worth the wait, though, Ms Tabor. That’s a voice to fill a room, even one as big as the QEH.

Great progress is made.

Lots of bits today – I cleared the table next to the bedroom window, for example, then realised there was nowhere else for the stuff on it to go, so I put it back, but a bit more neatly. I activated my replacement credit card, paid the Dreamhost billing, forwarded hosting of a URL and a bunch of other small things. Also added slide guitar to Hey Hey Hey, because i need to upload something tonight.

Meet Judith for lunch at Ev, then cake from Konditor & Cook and home to work on her CD cover. Great progress is made. Haru gets home, then I go out to the Bennett group – I walk all the way there for some reason, and walk all the way back when it’s done.

Excellent dinner by H, then K&C cake, then I mix and upload Hey Hey Hey. Have I forgotten anything?

Oh, I am spoilt.

Slowly catching up – I don’t even know why I’m behind. Most of the day is spent colouring in the last Fairies picture (takes longer than all the others put together!), with a bit of work on Judith’s CD cover. The left-hand screen has now half-died, which is actually a lot more frustrating than one might imagine. Possibly more frustrating than only one screen, but I’m used to all that space now. Oh, I am spoilt.

(I’m divining from various factors)

Overslept, then began doing Fairies – got most of the pictures done when there was a power cut. Not sure how much I’ve lost…

Later on Andy comes round with Denise and tells me what can be done with the living room. Apparantly it’s not impossible, although it is work, and it will be (I’m divining from various factors) expensive. Ho hum.

In the evening the electrician finally makes it round. He can’t fix anything, but he can explain all sorts of things about the wiring that I never knew, although I suspected some of it.

Anyway, let’s see what happens next.