a charging point for electric vehicles

Up at 6:00, sitting, breakfast, H goes to work, I do some bits and pieces and dither and, yet again, get to Walker later than I’d have liked.

Working on a slightly faster computer today. Hurrah.

Lunch – healthful sandwiches from over the road. Hurrah again.

More of the same until 18:00 when I go to the Bennett group meeting.

In Red Lion Square, there’s what purports to be a charging point for electric vehicles, which startles me, rather.

After the meeting I spend quite a while waiting at the bus stop with a large group of other people before noticing that the bus stop isn’t in use. Which explains the lack of buses. Walking down the road I find that the road is closed due to resurfacing. Perhaps I should have mentioned it to all the other people waiting at the stop. Or perhaps they’ll have noticed for themselves that not a single bus came past in twenty-five minutes.

Home, dinner, some small work. Bed