And we still don’t have flying cars.

Up a bit later than I’d like, but I do manage to get to Walker by 9:15, and work through to 18:00. Um, uneventful, really, although I get to work on a much faster computer than usual, which is helpful.

Home, then out again with H, first to Ev, where they seem to be running out of food, but we have a very satisfying dinner anyway, then to the Queen Elizabeth Hall for Robyn Hitchcock. In the foyer there’s some kind of free improvisation going on – several people with laptops and a violin player plunking away. It looks and sounds like quite a dull call centre.

Robyn H is a lot of fun – many guests, including a two-piece Scritti. I finally get to hear Green sing live, which is quite startling for both of us. As I comment to H afterwards, if someone had told me about the internet in 1983, I would have believed them, but if they’d said that I’d get to see Robert Wyatt and Green Gartside perform live in the same year, I’d have thought they were mad. Yet it has come to pass. And we still don’t have flying cars.

In the interval, I nip over to the RFH to use their loos. The call centre is still blipping on in the foyer.

Afterwards home; beer. I tweak the banjo on A Long Walk in the Hills and upload it, though the bouncing process takes a very long time, with quite a few false starts.